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Student of second year MBA NIIT University

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Published : 01 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • I received an email from NIIT University for admission in MBA, after I had applied to it a year
        ago. Then, I was still preparing for my last
        semester of Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA). At that time, I wasn’t sure of taking an admission in this university since it had just started and also because money was at stake. But somewhere, I felt that I could trust my instincts, which turned out to be a big encouragement for me to apply to the university.
        In my first year of MBA, I discovered my true strength. Throughout my course, I stood first in my class. I studied marketing, organisational behaviour, quantitative techniques, product and operation management, among other subjects.
        I learnt a lot through the mentorship programme we have. Under this programme, we are allowed to choose our own mentor who is from the industry. I have two mentors. As per the programme, students meet their mentors who guide them by giving industry insights and talk to them about future career options.
        In our third trimester, we had an option of taking up the immersion programme, which I did. As part of this programme, we went to China for 22 days. Initially, I wasn’t excited about the trip but everything changed as soon as I landed in China.
        During our trip, we went to four places — Beijing, Nanjing, Wuxi and Shanghai. The trip gave me a good exposure along with an overview of the country — its culture and business models that are followed. I also went for industry visits.
        In course of my four days at Beijing, we met the Indian ambassador and asked many questions related to economy and business. I also got an opportunity to visit the office of Microsoft here.
        Our next stop was Nanjing. We spent eight days here at the Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. We attended a seminar on market environment and development of enterprises in China, which gave me an insight into the Chinese economy and its culture and also how the markets work. We visited the office of Jishan Lighting Technology Co Ltd.
        The food was a bit of a problem but we managed. I think people in India have a perception that the Chinese are not very friendly, but whenever I wanted to find out something, any random person on the streets of China was eager to help.
        After Nanjing, we went to the industrial hub of China, Wuxi as part of our industrial visit. We went to a few companies like Suntech, whose growth and infrastructure left me astonished.
        After visiting three places in China, our final destination was Shanghai. We had guest lectures lined up. We also met the chairman of Infosys, China branch, at the Infosys office in Shanghai. Other offices we visited here included Evalveserve and NIIT, China.
        On our last day in China, my group had to make a presentation on ‘The influence of Chinese society, culture and tradition on business practices and employee behaviour in China today.’ We were applauded after our presentation and it felt good.
    Now that I am back in India, I have to submit a report on ‘How Chinese consumers have become more pragmatic and demanding over the years.’ I am still working on it. As to my future plans, I want to specialise in marketing and I want to put into practice whatever I learnt in China.

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