Survival of APPLE after Steve Jobs-Admission Jankari
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Survival of APPLE after Steve Jobs

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Published : 18 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • While the whole world mourns the death of the legendary icon, Steve Jobs, a question is hovering around many people’s mind, ‘will APPLE survive without Steve Jobs?’ This has become a burning question today which is leaving many people in worry. But before encountering this question, let us see that how was Jobs so important for the company that it seems so difficult to the company to run without him.

    Steve Jobs, without whom it is becoming difficult to even think about Apple, was just sixteen when he came to Apple and after a few years was actually fired from the company. Jobs, once, later had claimed that being fired from Apple was the best thing that could have happened to him. He had said, “It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life." But he came back to his original place, Apple after 11 years in 1996 when Apple bought the company, NeXT and never looked back.

    Jobs, initially was made the temporary CEO in 1997 but was made permanent in 2000. Under Job’s guidance, the company progressed immensely. It increased its sales tremendously and introduced a number of products which are now considered the landmark of Apple like, iPod, iTunes Stores and iPhone. Jobs gave many decades of his life in bringing the company to this position. That is why, it seems almost impossible to run this company without him. But Apple can actually survive and also run without Jobs.

    The main reason behind this is that Jobs has actually made the company much bigger than himself. He has brought the company to a position where a company cannot run just on the decisions of one person, and it was not running just on the decisions of Jobs. The complete team of board of directors, with each one of them highly qualified and intellectual is there to manage the company. Also, we must not forget that Jobs was on leave since January, 2011 due to his declining health. At that time too the company worked smoothly on a  broad basis.

    Also, we must trust the present CEO of Apple now, Tim Cook who was serving the company for the past 13 years as Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Cook has given many major contributions in the growth of the company and has given outstanding performance. Moreover, before handing over his resignation letter, Jobs himself had very strongly recommended Cook’s name as the next CEO. Job’s recommendation clearly shows that Cook is actually a deserving and right candidate for the post of CEO and can take Job’s dream, Apple, much ahead in life.

    Also, a company is successful not only because of its owners and high level managers but because of its employees too. Though the main decisions are taken by top managers only but the responsibility of executing those decisions and plans lie completely on shoulders of the staff. The employees work as the assets of the company and are one of the major reasons of the success of the company.

    To conclude, the survival of Apple after Steve Jobs is certainly possible. Though the whole world and the company is in a setback after Job’s demise yet the company’s efficient board of directors and employees will never let Job’s dream company to fall down. Moreover, we should underestimate the new CEO, Tim Cook as he is talented and knows what the company is all about as he has served the company for 13 years.


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