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Published : 26 Dec, 2010 By: Admission Jankari
  • DR NARESH TREHAN Cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon

    THE late MN Kapur was a man of vision and an academician who was clearly ahead of his times. He was not just a principal but an institution in himself as he laid the foundations on which the culture of Modern School continues to grow and evolve. Modern School was almost like a day boarding school. In school along with the routine classes in mainstream subjects we had a compulsory sports period as he believed in the all round development of a child. Students also had to choose hobby classes ranging from music and photography to aeromodelling. It was easy to understand why Kapur was a role model for many of his students- he was a blend of strictness and a good measure of camaraderie and naughtiness. I remember his two dogs- Raja and Rani who at times accompanied him to the school grounds and played with us.

    USTAD AMJAD ALI KHAN Sarod Maestro

    I have some very fond personal memories of this exemplary teacher and great man. My family background was different from my contemporaries in school as I came from a family that had a legacy of classical musicians. Besides I already was a sarod player when I enrolled into Modern School. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to gradually but surely adjust to the school environment. This was largely possible because my principal the late MN Kapur had graciously accepted me with my differences and supported me in my little and big struggles. As a student I was fairly weak in mathematics. But at the same time I was immersed in a high form of mathematics in music. Kapur was quick to understand this. And he told my father- “Khansahab please do not worry about your son. He was born to play the Sarod and can never score well or maybe even pass in mathematics. But be assured that we shall never fail him in mathematics.” He even freed me from attending a compulsory sports period so that I could devote this time to my music practise. He was truly a role model for other school principals and academicians.

    MUKUL MUDGAL Chief Justice Punjab and Haryana High Court

     THE late MN Kapur was a true guru who led by example. He was a person who naturally commanded respect. While his visionary insight set him apart from most other principals of his time his generous and forgiving nature endeared him to his students. He stressed on the importance of good character and taught us that the a weak character can never conquer anything

    SYEDA SAIYIDAIN HAMEED Member Planning Commission

    I remember MN Kapur as my emotional anchor. He was the epitome of encouragement and kindness and helped me to overcome my inhibitions. He demonstrated conviction in everything and in doing so taught us to be confident.

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