Take two to three years and boost quality of education in Bihar: Shah-Admission Jankari
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Take two to three years and boost quality of education in Bihar: Shah

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Published : 09 Apr, 2013 By: Admission Jankari
  • Education Minister of Bihar, P.K. Shahi, this time takes on a task full of responsibility, though tough one, and sets deadline for its accomplishment as well. The target set by Bihar is to improve the quality of education, which, of course, is a challenging task as the set time limit is two to three years only. However, what offers a little relief is that the Bihar government has already done enough on this aspect.

    Also, the minister is hopeful on improvement quality of education in Bihar which is a good sign. After having achieved a lot on school enrolment, he told to improve the quality of school education is next. And what can make it look even easier is the hard work the education department is putting in. Under school enrolment project that was launched in 2011, also, the government has been covering primary and middle schools and is very close to what the target is.

    The new program aims at improving school level education and helping students in the learning process. This is how they can improve learning outcome and match the standards of the national literacy rate.

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