Take us back to paper era, say furious IIM aspirants-Admission Jankari
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Take us back to paper era, say furious IIM aspirants

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Published : 03 Jan, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • With glitches encompassing the report of CAT results on Saturday, many smoldering IIM aspirants, who couldn't access their results, communicated their displeasure regarding social networking.

    A 1,330-statement post on Facebook that tackled IIM-Indore, which is the CAT convener organize not long from now, got more than 1,300 likes and many shares on Facebook.

    "Severe lack of management skills in those who run (or serve) the (arguably) best management institutions of India (sic)," read the post.

    Aspirants had numerous purposes behind their outrage. Initially, the actuality no date was focused on them for results. The main correspondence from the convener was that they will be out in the third week of December.

    "When you make proclamations like 'we need to be certain this time' - does it mean you manually check the outputs of the calculations - every one of them? You should have simply take a straightforward irregular example and check if the results are right," the post said referring to last year's issues and the statements issued by IIMs in 2014.

    "It is as important to be seen as fair as it is to be fair.  On this check, you must concede smoothly, you have failed miserably. With one year of diligent work and whatever remains of our professions in question, we need to be guaranteed the procedures are reasonable and there are no demonstrations of exclusion or commission, done deliberately or coincidentally. We wouldn't fret regardless of the possibility that you concede that there are serious bugs in the framework and require a reconsideration. Simply let us know, please."

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