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The Age of Information

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Published : 16 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Today, we live in an era of ‘information’. Today, we possess respect in a society when we are informed well. All the big entrepreneurs like Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani today rule the world as they are the kings of today’s era of ‘information’.   


    Information has been started giving immense importance after the invention of internet. With the help of the internet we can access knowledge just by a click. Google, the biggest search engine ever, has made our life much easier. Due to this, ‘The Age of Information’ is also called as the ‘Computer Age’. Not only computer and internet but the invention of cell phones, cable TV, digital cameras, etc. has also made this age to be called as ‘Information Age’.


    Today with so many changes happening in our surroundings, it is very important for us to be updated. We must read newspapers daily and must listen to news at least once a day. The impact is visible on the overall personality of an individual. A well informed individual is always more confident as compared to any other individual. Also, the decisions of a well informed person are wiser as compared to an un-informed person.


    Not only this, the increasing craze of novels among youngsters is giving a new boom to the ‘Age of “information’. Novels are a great means of learning. They not only provide moral lessons but also help us learn the age and the times in which a novel is written.

    To conclude, in this ‘Age of Information’, it is highly important to be well informed, to know what is happening in our surrounding as it is very difficult for a non-informative person to survive in this competitive and informative world.

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