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The Education System of India

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Published : 08 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The major drawback of India being a developing country lies in the fact that ‘India has a poor education system’. This poor education  system is one of the major reasons that is making rich richer and poor poorer. Though it would not be wrong to say that India’s education  system has improved a lot since 1947 but in today’s scenario India’s education system  lags much behind according to the international standards.

    According to the statistics available, India has about 550 million people under the age of 25 years out of which only 11% are enrolled in tertiary institutions compared to the world average of 23%. Also, according to the recent QS World University Ranks, Indian Universities have failed to make their place among top 200 universities of the world. Also, many engineering institutes in India are severely short of faculty. Government worried by this data has decided to include education as their top most priority in the next five-year plan. But, let us now, look into the reasons of such poor education system in India.

    The foremost problem lies in the poor quality of education in government schools. In government schools the education of students is not concentrated in the way it should be. One of the major reasons is poor quality of teachers. Teachers just come and go and do not pay any attention towards students. Also, the poor resources and poor infrastructure of these schools does not allow to grow students in a way the students of private schools grow.

    Another problem with India’s education system is poor quality of education at rural level. Even today also, many villages have no schools and the villages which have school are so far that the students get exhaust only while reaching the school. Also, the inadequate resources, infrastructure and faculty hamper the growth of students in a major way. All this poor quality of education at rural level and in government schools is one of the major reasons of the increasing gap between the rich and the poor as the growth of the students who pass out from private schools is quite much as compared to the students of government schools. As a result, students from private schools tend to earn much better than the students of government schools.

    If we talk about the education of graduation level one major problem is excessive use of theory and less use of practical. After 10+2 comes a stage where students more practical experiences rather than theoretical knowledge. These practical experiences lack majorly in our education system due to which students feel difficulty as soon as they step in professional world.
    Government needs to take strict policy measures in order to improve the education system of India. If not worked in this direction, the inequalities would become so deep that it will become almost impossible to remove these inequalities. Also, an improved education system will help India to gain a reputed status internationally which would help in the growth of our majorly.

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