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Tricky Maths Section Annoys JEE-Advanced Aspirants

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Published : 03 Jun, 2013 By: Admission Jankari
  • Engineering aspirants who sat for the JEE (Advanced) examination on Sunday complained of a lengthy and tricky mathematics section. However, Physics and Chemistry seemed to be relatively simpler.

    The examination was held in two sessions and Mathematics proved to be the stumbling block in both. The paper contained some concept-based questions and also had a column matching question which was comparatively easier.

    In the first session, the Chemistry and Mathematics sections were tougher than Physics. However, the second session carried difficult papers for both Physics and Chemistry, and a lengthy Mathematics paper. The questions required too many calculations which cost the students a lot of time.

    "The second paper was slightly more on the difficult side. I struggled with Maths. The numericals were tricky and I had to do a lot of simplifications. As a result, I lost time in arriving at the answer. Physics and Chemistry were easier than I anticipated," said Anand M, a student.

    "The Mathematics section was very lengthy and the questions were complex. Apart from that, the paper was of an average difficulty level. I am comfortable with Physics and found the paper easy. Chemistry was manageable too. But the difficultly level of Mathematics made the paper complex as compared to the last year," said Manu SH, an aspirant.

    Physics came across as an easy paper. The questions were straight forward and easy and had more number of concept-based questions compared to last year.

    The marking pattern in case of Chemistry was different this year. While the first 10 questions were to do with single concept applications, the next five were negative-marking based questions with multiple choices. Numerical-based questions were simpler. "I feel Chemistry was easier than other sections. Although I could solve most of the questions, Mathematics section was lengthy and difficult. Physics was of average difficulty level," said Hem Maradia, a student.

    Even the marking scheme and the question paper pattern were different this year. Paper 1 contained 60 questions for a total of 180 marks. Each subject had 20 questions and the pattern was exactly the same for all the subjects. Similar to paper 1, paper 2 also carried questions worth 180 marks. The questions were set in the order of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and each subject had three sections.

    This time the single correct options did not have negative marking where as only multiple correct answer, column matching and numerical questions had negative marking.

    Results likely on June 23

    The results of the JEE (Advanced) 2013 may be declared on June 23.


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