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Weathers good so are the colleges

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Published : 16 Jun, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Bangalore's cultural milieu owes its diversity to the people who come from across the country and make the city their home. Apart from job opportunities, it is the plethora of educational options that draws individuals from far and wide. Those from the North-East constitute a sizable portion of the city's student population.

    They serve as ambassadors of their rich cultural heritage. Although they are sometimes differentiated for their distinct appearance, they take it in their stride. Even if they face certain predicaments here, they live with the hope that these problems are short-lived. The Hindu EducationPlus spoke to a number of North-Eastern students in Bangalore to find out what motivated them to choose the city as their destination for higher studies…

    Yangzom Gurung (I year, M.S. in Mass Communication, St. Joseph's College): After I finished my schooling, the first place that I considered for pursuing my higher studies was Bangalore. Opportunities that the city offers in terms of the courses and jobs were the major reasons that brought me here. After completing my degree, I decided to do my Master's here as I wanted to learn more about the place.

    It's been five years since I came here and I have enjoyed every single moment. But there are times when I have been called a ‘chinkey' due to my appearance. Even though these remarks hurt my sentiments, I rarely pay attention to them. I stay focused on my studies.

    Khundrakpam Alina (III year, B.Sc. in Natural Sciences, St. Joseph's College): Bangalore is dynamic and always progressing in various sectors. I chose Bangalore for my further studies primarily due to the job opportunities and interactive teaching techniques available here. Colleges provide a vast array of learning aides such as audio-visual tools. This helps us tremendously. The States in the North-East are far behind in terms of these facilities. Also, the students here are very hardworking and competitive, so it is an ideal place to carve a niche for ourselves.

    Daisy Borah (I year, M.S. in Mass Communication, Bangalore University): Bangalore is considered as the educational hub of India. I came here from Manipur to get a degree which would enable me to fulfil my dreams. Bangalore is blessed with a favourable climate which suits people from all around India. People here usually communicate in English or Kannada. At times I find difficult to converse with them, but I have slowly begun picking up the local language. Traffic jams, pollution and water shortage are also common problems I have confronted. I hope these issues get solved in the near future.

    Langshinganglu Kamei Prisca (I year, M.S. in Electronic Media, Bangalore University): Since Bangalore is an IT city, I felt it would provide me with a window of possibilities to build a successful career right after my studies. The pleasant weather, quite similar to that of the North-Eastern States, is another factor that drew me here. Over the last few years, this city, which was once alien to me, has become my second home. However, as a student who commutes by auto, I face a lot of problems whenever I travel. The auto drivers are aware that I look different and hence they tend to treat me differently. At times I have to bow down before their stubborn attitude and end up paying extra fare.

    Vito Sum (II Year, M.S. in Communication, St. Joseph's College): Bangalore is well-known for its institutions which provide high-quality professional courses. The North-Eastern States are lacking such facilities. I came to Bangalore because of these reasons. I found that the standard of academics is very high and the level of competition is tough. The lifestyle here is very agreeable. I also enjoy a great degree of freedom. The people are also friendlier here when compared to States in North India.

    P. Ranreiphi Kharei ( I Year, MSc. in Electronic Media, Garden City College): After completing my 12th Standard in Assam, I came to Bangalore because I had heard that it was a land of opportunities. The favourable climate and safe environment were additional advantages. I have found that since Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city, there are several others like me who emerge from different places and backgrounds. People here are also extremely friendly and helpful. The city is also a haven for nature lovers.

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