What is sweeter- money or honey?-Admission Jankari
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What is sweeter- money or honey?

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Published : 20 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • There was a time when the sweetness of honey was the real sweetness of our life that used to bring joy to our faces. But with the changing time, the life has changed and so its meaning. Now, the sweetness is no longer felt in honey but money. Yes, it is money which has changed our lives entirely. It is the “fake” sweetness of money that dwells our lives now rather than the ‘pure’ sweetness of honey.

    But a question arises here, what is ‘pure sweetness of honey’ and ‘fake sweetness of money’ all about? What is the literal meaning of the topic, “What is sweeter- money or honey?”? The topic basically talks about the importance of money in today’s world. It raises the question that has the happiness that money gives become so important in our lives that we have forgot the real, the larger happiness of life? The awful answer to this question is, yes.

    Today, the importance of money in our lives has increased a lot. All our joys and sorrows are associated with money. If we have more money, we are happier. If we have less money, we are less happy. The worst thing associated with money is that our greed for money never ends. We think that there is nothing in this world which cannot be bought with money. The importance of money has even exceeded the importance of real joys of the world like the love of our parents, the teasing of our siblings and the care of our friends. Money has become everything for us, although, it is certainly not everything.

    Money is a very significant part of life but it is not life. It is very important for us to realize the hidden joys of life. But unfortunately, many of us do not even know that what the real joys of life are. The real happiness of life is love, feelings and emotions. The happiness that we feel when we see love and care for us in the eyes of our loved ones is pure and eternal. The peace that we get by providing some moments of happiness to our old parents is heaven. The meaning that we provide to our lives by bringing a smile on the face of someone whose life is filled of miseries is everlasting. The feeling that we get by seeing the sunrise or sunset or raindrops falling is inexpressible. These are what are called the real joys of life which can never be bought with money. Money can never give us these real and eternal joys of life which provide a meaning to our life and make our life really sweet.

    In the conclusion, Mahatma Gandhi says, “True happiness brings more richness than all the money in the world,” meaning, we can become more rich by realizing and experiencing the true happiness of life rather than money. But unfortunately, in today’s materialistic world, we do not realize this true happiness and run after the false happiness of life, that is, money. Money seems sweeter if we believe that money is everything. But once we realize the larger tastes of life, certainly, honey is sweeter

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