Which are more important- soft skills or technical skills?-Admission Jankari
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Which are more important- soft skills or technical skills?

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Published : 10 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Today, we live in an era where it is very relevant for an individual to be knowledgeable and skillful if he/she wishes to be successful. When we talk about skills, a question arises that which type of skills are more important- soft skills or technical skills?

    In a broader view, these days soft skills are given more priority than technical skills. But a question arises again, what exactly is the difference between soft skills and technical skills? Soft skills actually refer to the personality traits of a person, that is, communication skills, personal habits like nature of mixing up, positivity, etc. Technical skills or hard skills refer to the occupational requirements of a job.

    These days, soft skills are definitely given much importance in every organisation. This is because these days, presentation in every aspect is very important. The talent that you possess is futile if you do not have the capability to present your talent in an effective way. Whenever you go for an interview, it is not your talent that that comes to the notice of the employer at first place but your dressing sense, communication skills, mannerisms, etc. Your soft skills are the key to impress the employer at the first shot.

    Also, soft skills of the employees are important or the overall development of an organization. This is because with attributes like politeness and optimism, the employees tend to develop good relations among themselves and with the manager. This creates good working environment with vibes of positivity all around. Such environment benefits the organization in every way as the satisfied and happy employees are the key assets of any organization.

    These days, many individuals get the job just on the basis o f soft skills merely, with a degree of graduation. Soft skills become more important whenever you have to deal with customers or clients face to face.

    But this does not mean that technical skills have lost their relevance completely. Technical skills do have importance because whenever you have to excel in a particular field it is your technical skills which give help you in doing that. But if you have excellent soft skills also with excellent hard skills, there is nobody who can stop you of reaching on the top. Soft skills work as a major add on to your career.

    To conclude, soft skills are certainly more important than technical skills. They are given more priority these days for the simple reason that in today’s world presentation is the key area which is given top most priority. Other than this, soft skills also help in creating good relations among employees which change the overall atmosphere of the organization. This changed atmosphere encourages employees to produce better results and contribute to the organization in a better way. As far as the hard skills are concerned, soft skills work as add on to the technical skills and you tend to grow in a much faster way.   

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