Who will be savior of our country- citizens or leaders?-Admission Jankari
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Who will be savior of our country- citizens or leaders?

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Published : 24 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • In a democratic country like India, where all the citizens choose some leaders among themselves with huge trust to run the country for the betterment of the country and society, raising the question, ‘Who will be the savior of our country- citizens or leaders?’ is certainly shameful. But seeing the present scenario where our own leaders are busy destructing and destroying the country, the question is unavoidable.

    “Celebrate the success of others.  Bring people up - not down!” says an anonymous person regarding the role of a leader and his leadership skills. The quote fits completely if we talk about the days of pre-independence. Those were the days when our leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh really brought the people of our nation up and celebrated their success. They saved our country from the hands of the British. But today, when our leaders themselves are chewing up the nation from inside by involving in various corruption scandals, the question has been raised that like various Arab countries like Egypt, Libya and Yemen, will the citizens of India save the country? Or some fresh leader needs to come out to save the country from the leaders itself? 

    The answer would be India needs both- a strong leader and the citizens of our country to support him and to become his strength. One such leader who has the power and courage to save our country from the hands of corruption and crime, appeared few months back, named, Anna Hazare. Such a leader who really wanted to do something for the better of our country and society and was ready to sacrifice himself for the purpose, appeared after many decades in India. His leadership influenced the whole India and almost all the citizens of our country were standing in strong support after him. Hazare became the voice of the common people and in return common people became his sheer strength.

    At that time, both the citizens and their leader saved our country in a way that after so many efforts Jan Lokpal Bill was finally passed by the corrupt leaders, that is, the government of India. Jan Lokpal Bill is a bill which will help in eradicating approximately 50-60% of the corruption from the country according to experts.

    However, to really save the country, we have to first think about our country and its weaknesses. The problem with our country and its citizens is that we remain busy in accomplishing our individual goals and do not wake up until something big happens as happened in Jan Lokpal Bill case. If we really want to save our country from all the evils, whether they are citizens or leader, there is a need for us to open our eyes and brain and to see what all is happening in our society. In the movement against corruption with Anna Hazare, atleast 30-40% Indians did not know what, exactly, was Jan Lokpal Bill all about? Thus, in today’s time, if we really want to save our country, first of all, we should be aware of what is happening in our country. To start with a small scale, we should always fulfill our duty and responsibility of being the citizens of India by revolting against any wrongdoing in the country.

    Thus, on a small scale, the citizens can certainly save the country by simply acting as the responsible citizens of the country. However, if the savior is required at a larger level like in many of the Arab countries, we definitely need a leader who can become the voice of India and also the citizens to become his support and strength. The instincts of such a leader were visible, a few months back in Anna Hazare. 

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