Why do we need GD?-Admission Jankari
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Why do we need GD?

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Published : 11 Mar, 2013 By: Admission Jankari
  • As in need to pursue higher education in the field of management, one exhausts himself preparing for Cat, Mat GMat, Snap, Xat and so on, but always ignores the most authentic exercise, any management institute focuses on ‘Group Discussion’.
    Importantly, it is questionable. Why do we need to appear for GD? First of all understand what GD is and why it is an important step to get you into a B-School.
    What is Group Discussion?
    GD is (selection/elimination) process for the final selection of candidates. The reason why institutes put candidates’ through a Group discussion and an interview, after testing candidates’ skills (technical and conceptual) in an exam, to test how capable and aware candidate is and how one function as a part of a team.
    Why Group Discussion is Important?
    In an organization, you will always be working in teams, as a member or as a leader. How you cooperate in a team becomes an important paradigm for your selection. To get the best results, managers have to work in a team. That is the reason why management institutes include GD as a component of the selection procedure.
    Basic strategies for improving your skills:
    As a part of a team one has to be firm and supple.
    Observe how other candidates make critical comments, are they supporting or they disagree with the argument, how do they ask question or make a point. 
    Take part in the argument by making small contribution, either by asking question or agree with the speaker’s remarks. 
    Things to avoid:
    Negative attitude
    Criticizing and insulting other candidates
    Pointing other candidates out specifically
    Telling irrelevant stories and personal experiences
    Using too many gestures
    Trying to dominate the discussion.  

    How performance is judged?
    Those get selected who:
    Cooperate well with the others in a group, acted smartly, were firm and supple.
    Create impact on the group.
    Is approach-wise critical on the given subject.
    Puts forth valid arguments and shows keenness and interest.
    Has sufficient knowledge of his subject and convinces the group by his argumentative presentation.
    Is logical and systematic with his approach towards the subject

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