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Published : 26 Dec, 2010 By: Admission Jankari
  • The project "National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology", initiated by the Ministry of HRD, has an important component of "Teacher Empowerment and Development” through proper training and digital literacy of teachers to be able to incorporate ICT and eLearning tools in their teaching methodology.

    To investigate the effectiveness of the long term goal of teacher empowerment and development as envisaged in the national mission project, a pilot study has been carried out in this regard. The CDEEP CEP conducted a training programme at IITB for mathematics teachers teaching at engineering colleges governed by GTU. In the training programme the participating teachers were taught mathematics, by the faculty members of IITB under the guidelines of new syllabus of GTU, using ICT and eLearning tools. The pilot study was carried out on these participating mathematics teachers to evaluate the impact of the training programme in bringing changes in their traditional teaching methodology when the teachers get back to their classrooms. The pilot study was conducted in three phases which are as follows:

    Phase I: Exploratory Study

    In the exploratory study, a qualitative survey was conducted through an in-depth interview of the mathematics teachers participating in the training programme. The study was carried out to investigate the perceptions of the participating mathematics teachers towards incorporation of ICT and eLearning tools in their teaching approach and also to understand the experience of these teachers of learning using ICT and eLearning tools.

    Phase II: Pre - Post Study

    In the pre- post study, a quantitative survey was conducted using questionnaires which were filled up by the participating teachers’ pre and post training programme. The study was carried out to assess the change in the perceptions and attitudes of the participating teachers towards usage of ICT tools in their teaching approach as a result of the training programme.

    Phase III: Impact of the training programme on the teaching approach of the trained teachers back in their classrooms [Completed] Project Findings

    In this study, the impact of the training programme on the participating teachers’ teaching approach back in their classrooms was evaluated through an in-depth telephonic interview of the participating mathematics teachers. The data of the responses of the teachers was qualitatively analyzed to identify the drivers responsible for successful implementation of ICT and eLearning tools in education and the inhibitors, bottlenecks and challenges which impede the implementation of such tools in teaching.

    An extension of this study has been carried out through telephonic interviews of the teachers who attended the training programme in IIT Bombay. We have intervened into the two colleges where the trained teachers were using some form of e-Learning tools in their teaching. This study has helped us to identify the probable drivers for incorporating ICT and e-Learning tools in teaching and its impact on the learning outcomes of the students.

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