You Just Have to Grab 1 Damn Seat, Not All of them-Admission Jankari
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You Just Have to Grab 1 Damn Seat, Not All of them

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Published : 25 Apr, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • You Just Have to Grab 1 Damn Seat, Not All of them !!!

    Yes, that line says it all. Some students have some kind of Phobia after they think about the number of seats available and the number of students answering the exam.

    If you see the ratio you will be surprised.  Every year around 4 Lakh+(Number is increasing every year) answer IIT JEE for around 8000 seats roughly.

    Fierce competition is another name of IIT JEE.

    Change you Attitude!

    Yes, do it! An attitude change can help in many ways. Think the other way. You just have to reserve 1 seat for you out of those 8000 seats available. And you will be one of them. If you think this way the phobia kinda vanishes.

    If you think practical over this then you will harm yourself more. So Change your damn Attitude towards the exam

    Accept the Competition :

    You cant hide away from competition.

    As said in 3 idiots, you have to compete with millions of sperms to get into this world.  :)

    So competition is everywhere. Learn to accept it.  You can even use the competition factor as an inspiration or motivation factor to push yourself towards studies. Like for example you can aim to score more marks than your friends in the upcoming tuition test or top your school exams or monthly tests.

    This way you will learn to face some competition...

    The top IIT ranker must have also thought the same way

    The top IIT rankers are not raknikant’s, they are humans.  :)

    They must have also been in the same situation as yours,  thinking on how can I be in the top 8000 ranker's in IIT JEE.

    Okay take 1 step forward. Think about how will you be in top 100 Rankers!

    The top IIT rankers never give up and they accepted the competition and certainly tuned their attitude to suit the competition.

    Learn something from them if you wanna be like them

    You just have to grab “A“seat

    This is the main highlight of the article. The points which I wanted to cover is that

    ?     You should not get bogged  down by the competition level.

    ?     Change your attitude towards the exam

    ?     Think like you ARE the top ranker of the IIT and there is one seat reserved for you...

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