Youth, Education and Society-Admission Jankari
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Youth, Education and Society

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Published : 14 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The first thought that comes to everybody’s mind when we think about ‘youth’ is ‘passion’, ‘zest’ and ‘exuberance’. The youth is the future of our society. There is a direct connection between youth, society and education. The youth with the ‘right education’, ‘fresh thinking’ and ‘new approach to life’ have the power of transforming a society. But if this ‘fresh thinking’ is lead in a wrong direction, it also has the power to crumble society.


    The recent terrorist activity of bomb blast in Delhi frightened everybody. Mostly, in such terrorist activities the main weapon of terrorists is ‘youngsters’. It is a well known fact that many juveniles from Jammu and Kashmir border are abducted and trained for terrorist activities. The youngsters are brain-washed and are used for wrong means.


    It is here where the role of education also comes in. There is a saying, ‘empty mind is the home to evil.’ This is certainly true. When our brain is completely empty and we have nothing useful to do, this is the time when evil strikes our mind and our thoughts start taking a negative turn. That is why it is always said that we should be busy. Education is the best means which not only keeps us busy but makes us knowledgeable, fills in us the ability to decide what is right and wrong and most importantly create awareness among us regarding the evils of society like terrorists. Not only this, education also helps us to understand the concepts of ‘love for humanity’ and ‘primal sympathy’.  If we try to ascertain reasons that why these terrorist activities happen, one major reason would certainly be lack of education and lack of awareness.


    It is a well known fact that one of the major reasons of the success of the recent Anna Hazare movement was ‘youth’. It was their zest and exuberance which made India go through a revolution and even win it. Many youngsters did not go to their offices and colleges and were whole heartedly engaged in the movement. They proved the real meaning of their education. They proved that once they get determined there is no one who can stop them from achieving their goal. This is one very strong example where these ‘young and bright’ souls showed their capability of transforming a society.


    In the conclusion, youth, education and society are very closely linked with each other. It is the education of the youngsters which prepare them for the future and gives them the responsibility taking society on the path of betterment. The passion and zest of the youth when joined with education has the power to transform society. If lead in a wrong direction, they can destroy a society. But if lead in a right direction, they even have the capability of bringing revolutions and even making them successful. 

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