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75% Indian Engineering Graduates Failed in Software Development- A report

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Published : 10 May, 2017 By: Admissionjankari.com
  • 75% Indian Engineering Graduates Failed in Software Development- A report

    Last Four Years have witnessed Very Low Improvement in Employability

    A good number of engineers passed out in the past few years. As per the recent report, only 18.43 percent of engineers who got the opportunity to work for the software services sector, 39.84% for handling a non-functional responsibility in BPOs, and 3.21% for software products. Most importantly, no significant improvement has been noticed in these numbers in the recent times. If we talk about the today’s time, we will feel very disappointing to see these percentages in very bad condition like 3.67%, 17.91% and 40.57% respectively for IT Products, IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing.   

    In this regard, it is also true that there is no increment noticed in the number of engineering seats in the past year. A very few efforts made for improving the employability of engineers enjoyed the taste of success, most of them didn’t work. It is very much important to initiate something that could accelerate the speed of employability in IT Products and Services Sector. Our PM wants India to become as the human resource provider for the whole world. His vision could only be achieved if the growth of Engineer’s employability will continue.        

    Startup Software Engineering Jobs Are Grabbed By Only 3.84% Folks

    India is a country where a number of technology startups are launched every year. We have recently heard a statement from the world’s leader businessman Ratan Tata who said that India will soon become the Silicon Valley of the 1990s. In order to maintain this growth, there is much required to hire the candidates with good understanding and knowledge of new products and requirements. Keeping this in our mind, we catered to the report of employability of engineers in startup technology. The outcomes have shocked us when we found that only 3.84% of engineers were seen to be able to qualify for a startup technology responsibility. This is undoubtedly a very important matter to be taken into account and would surely consider as a big barrier in the growth of startups in the country.

    A Positive Movement is needed to Encourage Students to Work for Startups

    Only 6% of students were ready to work for a startup as per the report submitted last year. This year it may go up by 33% to 8%. It has also been noticed that students from tier 1 colleges are more interested in working for startups as compared to others. Females are comparatively highly motivated to be a part of startups. Many positive movements have been initiated in this regard. As a result, the inclination of working for the startups has been increased among the students as compared to the last year.

    Aspiration for the Higher Salary

    Higher salary aspirations have been noticed among the students this year. The median salary aspiration among the students was INR 3.10 lakh last year. If we talk about the today’s salary aspiration, we will find the number of INR 3.40 lakh, which has been increased due to demand of higher salaries by the students. If we talk about the median salary package for the same skill, it was INR 2.82 lakh in the last year, which is standing at INR 3.13 lakh this year. This shows that companies have to pay high to bear the expenses of the talent. Well, this could become possible due to the lack of supply and, of course, the massive demand of manpower in technology sector.  However, on a practical ground, this supply is artificially low. Top 750 engineering colleges are not able to produce more than 25% of employable candidates. Many leading firms have missed out a great number of candidates. Thus, it is imperative for us to take immediate action to bridge the gap between the job seekers and companies.

    Role Employability


    Software Engineer – IT Services 17.91%

    Software Engineer – IT Product 3.67%

    Startup Ready – IT Services 3.84%

    Associate – ITeS Operations (Hardware and Networking) 37.06%


    Design Engineer – Non IT 6.56%

    Sales Engineer – Non IT 19.08%


    Business Analyst – KPO 10.86%

    Associate – ITeS/BPO 40.57%

    Technical Content Developer 11.66%

    Creative Content Developer 16.72%

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