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Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd Select Students from NDIM

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  • Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd Select Students from NDIM


    New Delhi Institute Of Management (NDIM) was founded with the Vision of being a global learning hub, a unique gurukul to nurture courageous global change leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative learning.

    Established in 1992, NDIM is committed to impart the highest quality of education and exposure to help develop the next generation of business leaders with global outlook and capability of adapting to the fast changing business environment of India and the world at large. By introducing new specialization areas and adopting an innovative pedagogy, the institute has been constantly working to develop professionals with vision, courage and dedication to initiate and manage the change.

    With the Mission of reviving centuries old rich educational heritage of India, the founders conceived NDIM to be a catalyst for limitless learning with human values providing equal opportunity to one and all.

    Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd is an Indian beverages company best known for its eponymous Bisleri brand of bottled water. Bisleri holds 60% market share in the Indian packaged drinking water industry.

    It is available in 7 pack sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre, 15 litre and 20 litre jars. Its operations run throughout the subcontinent of India and is one of the leading bottled water supplying companies. As of 19 September 2015, Bisleri has 80 bottling plants Pan India, amongst which 12 are their own and 68 are licensed.

    The Parle Group, founded by Jayantilal Chauhan, began manufacturing soft drinks in 1949. Bisleri, an Italian mineral water company, was launched in Mumbai in the year 1965. The Parle Group purchased Bisleri from the Italian entrepreneur Signor Felice Bisleri in 1969.

    They merely used the name and launched Bisleri soda with two variants—carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water. Bisleri soda, though doing well, had to be discontinued, as Parle sold their soft drink brands to Coca-Cola in 1993. After the sale to Coca-Cola, Ramesh Chauhan dedicated himself to develop Bisleri as a brand and bring safe drinking water into the public domain.

    Keeping up to its reputation of hosting some of the countries’ most prominent recruiters, NDIM invited Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd to its campus on 18 November, 2016. The company has shortlisted 5 candidates, and the final results are awaited.

    The salary on offer is Rs. 3.5 Lacs per annum. The company is a market intelligence leader delivering research and consultancy for the global healthcare industry.

    Congratulations and Best Wishes from the NDIM family.

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