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Is NEET Result Justifiable For High Marks Grocers?

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Published : 28 Jul, 2017 By:
  • Is NEET Result Justifiable For High Marks Grocers?

    The NEET Result has turned to be a fiasco for the high scorers like who has got 480, 490 or 500+

    And India is not going to nurture talent in Medical Science. Government is unable to focus in cultivating them on broader scale. Along with Medical Education standard in Private Medical Colleges is completely worthless affair. There is Government agencies survey which shows only the 19% Passing Rate in Post Graduation (MD, MS) Entrance or the PG NEET. How is it possible for the Medicos to prepare themselves in such a sleazy system of Private Medical schools?

    Quiet astonishing and indigestible fact that after spending 5 million rupees an Indian MBBS is failing massively in the PG Entrance! Government has failed miserably in establishing the Private Colleges Quality Education in Medical Science. It’s not any secret of Private Medical colleges that they have and are looting millions in TUITION FEES then-

    How come a Private college is so under privileged that they could not maintain the minimum norms of Medical Education standard??

    Aren’t Private colleges allowed to hire good faculties??

    If we exempt the exceptions then is there any data which could show the Private college MBBS passed could even think of USMLE, UKPLAB or ADC like international entrance for PG course or to do Job Abroad as a Doctor??

    Majorly students having such scores are feeling that their talent is of No Use and on contrary mere NEET Qualified (131 OR 107) is on top of the world when they are getting admission in their choice of college! Needless to say that NEET Result is totally ridiculous because when MCI shows the No of Medical seats only 59,445 out of 474 colleges (updated till 28/07/2017) then where is the need to Qualify 6, 11, 539 NEET applicants??

    Now, where is the benefit of NEET in grabbing good talent when-

    A high scorer and a just qualifier are adjusted on same bench paying the same FEES??   

    How many are the Indian Private Medical college students passed are representing BEST Doctors in the world??

    Can we make the Best talents out of these under achievers for the next Generations??

    Is the annual tuition fee of INR 12 lac for 500 marks achievers justifiable??

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