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Join Our Anti Donation Campaign to Help Fight Corruption in Education

Admission in top private and government MBBS, Engineering and MBA colleges through donation under the banner Management Quota Seats or NRI seats is completely illegal in India. Still it has been prevailing for quite long back and is still there. Under the procedure of donation admissions, college managements take huge money from candidates to provide them back door admissions. Such admissions are in the form of management quota seats reserved for those students who score comparatively lesser than others.

Admission through donation implies to corruption and thus, stands forth as a national problem. It is not only contaminating healthy competition among students but also installing a wrong mindset. In this way, donation based admissions not only lead to corrupt society but also reflect biased attitude towards merit-listed aspirants. The worse, this system leaves deserving students bereaved of what they deserve and to a certain point affect their carrier.

Institutions and student’s parents involved into such practices are equally responsible for the malpractice. This is not the time for blame game and lame excuses. Let us take action against this. Lets create India a knowledgeable nation.

We, at Admission Jankari, have taken the initiative in this regard by commencing an anti donation campaign. This is a national-level program designed to help students fight against corruption in education. The points we would be focusing on and taking along are declaring donation completely illegal, help students get admissions on merit basis and eliminate corruption out of education system.

How to support

If you are a student or parents, you can support the noble cause
  1. Taking pledge that you will not involve yourself into such practices.
  2. Like and share this campaign.
If you are a college, you can support us by participating with us:
  1. You can make your Management Quota Seats more transparent
  2. You can outsource you selection process to us.

How to report

This campaign is noble and for every student in India and we expect your cooperation and association. If you have encountered a situation where college/tout asked donation or cheated or misguided the admission process, you can report your experience showing or hiding your identity. We confirm the incident and raise alarm so as to save others. We are committed to raise your reported issues to concerned department. To report you just need to write your incidents here.

How it has benefitted

We have been active on that scenario for past two years and helped many students get admission in reputed institutions without any donation. With your support – and we are sure about that – we’ll succeed in stopping this illegal money-laundering policy by which almost every institute in India has unreasonably earned till now.

All said and done about donation system in educational organizations in India, we need to quickly find a way out. Nothing but a strong anti-donation program backed by we-have-to-just-do-it mentality can lend a hand in this case.

 Donation Story

  • Admissionjankari
    • This mail is to inform you about the following difficulties faced by the Vyas dental college. We went to the college on 16th July 2012 for my admission wherein they asked us to make half payment of the fees which was RS 55,000, then they asked for extra charge amount of RS 30,000. On 26th July 2012 a college member Mrs Anjana called and asked for more RS 50,000 and the amount was deposited on 27th July 2010. There were no response from college's end. We called them to enquire about the admission they told us to deposit more Rs 70,000 afterward Mrs Anjana called us and asked us to meet them where she asked us to deposit more Rs 3,00,000 donation, where in we asked the reason Mrs Anjana replied that our chairman is a businessman and there are other parents who are ready to give 7-8 lakh donations for a seat. We denied to pay extra Rs 3,00,000 for which they said "Take Your Child Back" also they refunded our Rs 85,000. when we asked for Rs 50,000. Mrs Anjana promised it to refund if we will fill up letter of withdraw. We did the same. Till date we didn't receive our Rs 50,000 from Vyas dental college.Please look into the matter otherwise we'll take further action from our end. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks & Regards Priyanka P Mahapatra

    • Admissionjankari
    • Jyoti rai of the college asking for donation for seat of b.d.s

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